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Apple has published an updated technical support document regarding iTunes compatibility with Windows Vista.

The document confirms that the latest (7.1.1) version of iTunes does address a number of compatibility issues with Windows Vista, and is recommended for use with most editions of Microsoft's OS.

Apple is warning that iTunes is not supported on 64-bit editions of Vista. The company also warns of "a few remaining issues", stressing the company is "actively working with Microsoft" to resolve them.

The remaining bugs include:

- Ejecting iPod from Windows Explorer or by using the "Safely Remove Hardware" feature in Windows Vista may corrupt your iPod. Apple advises users to Eject their iPod from within iTunes' Control menu. Microsoft it working on a patch for this.

- iTunes may display graphics or text incorrectly on-screen, Apple recommends resizing your screen.

- Contact Groups from Windows Contacts will not sync with iPod.

The document also offers some advice for iTunes users looking to upgrade to Windows Vista or who have purchased a new computer with Windows Vista pre-installed.

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